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About Us

We could say that the idea of ​​MILAIK was born from a great moment of inspiration, it could be conceived, for the publication of home decoration articles that he made with my partner, after we moving to the USA, production costs was huge, and the idea started decline,

After long hours of brainstorming or the millimeter business plan, given how difficult it was to come back was to get sports products to buy in one place, we found the opportunity to start with this project , but here we are not going to involve anybody. Like most big crazy and seemingly ridiculous ideas.

Despite all this, we always had things clear: so we could make MILAIK the online reference book, we wanted to make noise, in addition to bringing consumers to sports products in one place.

Two years later, we can call that "crazy idea" our job. And not only ours, but that of a few other people. Ours love what we do and with whom we do it.


Welcome to this adventure.


Thank you for making it possible,